A few glow artists over the years.



Lori Anderson and Gail Dodge - Installation with Projection

Imo Baird - Tornados

Hadji Banjovi - Tornados and Shrine Garden

Gary Bear - Light Piece

Ken Boe - UV paintings - ADOBE Barn Gallery

Dan Buckley - Video

Nacho Beringela - Laser light show on the Triangle L Ranch Windmill

Liz Burke - Water Tank Installation

Don Carlos - "Corbita" The Spirit of Copper - ADOBE Barn Gallery

Rand Carlson - Interactive Sculpture

Drumension- Electronic Drumscapes  on the driveway

Sina Evans - "A Swarm of Tele-Jellyfish" - Installation on the Sculpture Path

David Flynn - Forged Lanterns on Ranch Drive -  Blacksmithing Demonstrations with sidekick- Robin Afeldt  ADOBE Barn Gallery Patio

Gypsy Camp - Fortune Tellers

Robert Hoffman - Twinkle Light Installation

Sharon Holnback - Critter Cam videos, Chandeliers and Illuminated Sculpture

Lorena Darren Hohl - Mixed-media Illuminated Wall Art - ADOBE Barn Gallery

Erika Johnston - Black light Comic Panel

Sarah Kucerova - Mixed-media Sculpture

Randall Longacre - "Bikers" - Mixed-Media Solar Installation

Christopher Lucic - "Koshare Lights"  Projection on Boulders

Mike Lundquist - Illuminated Sculpture

Lauren Malanga - Rain Stage Performance

Karen Medley - Mixed-media Fluorescent Installation

Jamie Miller- Kinetic Light Sculptures

Oracle Art Ensemble  - Jazz from beyond the Stratosphere - Saturday evening

Kate Pearson - Art Car

Jim Pollack - Co-GLOW and Volunteer Co-ordinator

Ari Posner - "Rainbow Bright"

Psyonic Arts - Multi-media extravaganza in the Sculpture Path Arena with guest DJ Johnny Farardo and Gentry Shay Timmers - Photography

Katheryn Selby - Zen Garden Illuminated Installation

Southwest  University of Visual Arts - Sea Anemone Installation

Jeff Smith - Triangle L Ranch and GLOW! Photographer

Dan Wilhelm - Illuminated Sculpture

A.T, Willett - Triangle L Ranch Webmaster and Photographer

Peg Wilmore - "Shot in the Dark" - Black Light Installation



Bring power cords and power strips necessary for your piece. Label them with a name and phone number to insure you do not lose them. Alternative power is encouraged, Solar and batteries are a great way to power a piece. LED lighting has come a long way and down in price too. Take some time to consider making your artwork self-contained. It will reduce the load, encourage green practices and make you independent of our funky old power supply.


Spread the word! GLOW happens because of the contribution everyone makes each year. The volunteer staff, the artists, performers and audience members foster the unique, rich, GLOW community. Surely you know people whose contribution would enhance this years' experience.


Make sure you are in the loop! Please feel free to contact Sharon with any ideas or questions.  We'll make sure you are on the Artist/Performer mailing list. Don't forget your illuminated costumes!


Let's make this the best GLOW ever!

Thank you!

Shine on!



Triangle L Ranch 2805 N. Triangle L Ranch Road  Oracle, AZ 85623          Phone: 520-623-6732